It begins with a plan

It begins with a plan

Many of life's great journeys share something in common: they start with a thoughtful plan. Your financial journey is no different.

Financial Confidence

Financial Confidence

Once you have  estimated the amount of money  you may need for retirement, a  sound approach involves taking  

a close look at your potential  retirement-income sources, let  us be your guide. 

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You’re Our #1 Priority

You’re Our #1 Priority

There are  principles and strategies that  may enable you to put together  an investment portfolio that  reflects your risk tolerance, time  horizon, and goals. Educating  you on these principles is what  we do best.

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Working for You, Not Wall Street

Working for You, Not Wall Street

We work with integrity and trust for you, not for Wall Street. Your success is our success and we'll work with you at every step.

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Fundamental Approach

<span style="font-weight: 400;" data-mce-style="font-weight: 400;">Creating Financial Confidence and Prosperity Through Financial Planning </span>

Creating Financial Confidence and Prosperity Through Financial Planning

You do not have to have savvy investments or millions (or even hundreds) in the bank to feel  comfortable with us. With Blue Collar Financial Advisors, you will not be met with judgement, just a loyal  and helping hand to guide you toward your dreams. We are servants at heart, and we are truly  genuinely concerned about helping people. We know the impact of finances on the lives of our  customers, and we are here to be a resource, a trusted advisor, and a friend as you begin building your  strong financial future.

Working hard to build America&#8217;s financial futures, one dollar, one person, one family, one business, at a time.

Working hard to build America’s financial futures, one dollar, one person, one family, one business, at a time.

Blue Collar Financial is not just a team of advisors, but mentors and educators. We won’t  ever force you into a decision, but we will guide you to understand the consequences of your financial  choices before you make them. We are here to educate you, you do not need to become a financial  advisor to have your financial house in order. 

The reason I got into this business is to be of service. I grew up in a blue-collar community, Long Beach, NY. It was there I learned the values of working hard, building strong relationships, and keeping your word. I want to offer access to “regular people” to services that are traditionally considered just for the rich and famous. Everybody needs a financial plan, I want to help you create one that works. Remember, “growing old is mandatory, doing it well is optional"


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